Laminate Flooring Basics

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What is laminate hardwood flooring made of?

Laminate Flooring Basics

What is a laminate hardwood floor actually made of? There are four layers of a laminate floor that keep it looking great and staying strong:

Wear Layer: Protective layer that includes aluminum oxide. This important layer protects against stains, scuffs, and general wear.

Image Design Layer: A high-quality photographic image of wood, stone, or some other surface. (Here's where innovative designers can have a lot of fun!)

Inner Core Layer: This core layer is made of high-density fiberboard(HDF), and often a plastic resin called melamine is added. This combination gives the layer intense strength and resistance to moisture.

Backing Layer: The final layer that lies against the existing flooring is made with a resin-infused paper. It acts as protection against moisture from the floor, keeping your laminate flooring dry and sturdy.



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