Install Laminate Flooring

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What do I need to know about installing laminate hardwood flooing?

Install Laminate Flooring

Here are a few floor installation pointers to help make your laminate wood floors look their best:

1.Not all laminate can be installed over carpet.
2.Be sure that your subfloor is smooth and dry. (If installing over carpet, be sure your carpet is flat.)
3.It's best to use some sort of underlayment for extra cushioning and soundproofing. (Laminate boards can get creaky over time).
4.Check each board for any damage before installing.
5.If you're installing laminate flooring over heat systems, be sure to take extra precautions for both the laminate installation as well as the heat system.
6.Like hardwood flooring, some laminate flooring needs to acclimatize to the room's temperature. If this is the case, open the packaging and leave the flooring in the room where it will be installed for at least 48 hours. Make sure the subfloor temperature does not exceed 85 degrees, and always follow the manufacturer's instructions.



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