To Sand or Not to Sand

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Do I need to sand my hardwood floors?

To Sand or Not to Sand

When choosing the hardness level of your hardwood floor, you'll need to know how much wear-and-tear that room will receive. Clearly, a dining room won't need flooring as hard as a home dance studio, for example. Keep in mind, too, that some wood is naturally harder than any finish you may be applying to it. Why is this important? Knowing how hard you floor is before you apply a finish can prevent unnecessary sandings for future refinishing. If you know you have a sturdy hardwood floor, you may be able to get away with simply screening and refinishing rather than sanding. Softer wood that has been scuffed or dented over time will need sanding and refinishing. The moral of the story? Before you install your flooring, know what strength of wood you need and what you'll need to keep it healthy!



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