Dogs and Hardwood Flooring

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Is it wise to have hardwood flooring if I have a dog?

Dogs and Hardwood Flooring

If you have dogs, you may wonder how wise it is to redecorate your home with hardwood floors. The good news is that dogs and hardwood floors can live in perfect harmony! Here are a few pointers:

  • Match your dog and your wood. Not colors (!), but weight. The larger your dog, the harder wood you should purchase.
  • Consider prefinished hardwood. In this process, a varnish is baked onto the wood at a very high temperature, making it extremely durable.
  • Have your flooring installed with the “Lock & Fold” method (an ingenious process offered with Armstrong flooring), so that minimal dirt will get trapped between the planks.
  • Keep hair and dirt to a minimum by regular sweeping and/or vacuuming.



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