What Does Your Floor Say About Your Home?

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What wood flooring should I put in a traditional room?

What Does Your Floor Say About Your Home?

The décor of your home is an important factor to consider when redecorating with hardwood floors. Take some time to review each room in which you plan to install the flooring. What style is it? Traditional? Urban? Retro?

For traditional rooms or more formal styles, consider cherry, oak or maple hardwood flooring. They all have old world elegance. Take a look at hardwood floors in oak or cherry if you have a formal or traditional look in your home. Dark maple is another great choice to compliment the traditional décor. Urban homes may lend themselves well to the popular bamboo flooring now quite hot on the market. Retro or more eclectic homes can mix and match fun styles and looks by installing exotic floors, laminate flooring that mimics any style of wood, and also marble or stone. The only limit is your own creativity!



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