Wood Flooring and Your Health

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Is having wood flooring healthy?

Wood Flooring and Your Health

Remodeling with hardwood floors is not only good for your home (it looks great, lasts a long time and raises your property value), it's good for your health! As long as you keep them clean and free of moisture, wood floors do not harbor dust mites or mold spores. Wood that has been treated with urethane finishes are often solvent-free which means they are hypo-allergenic. Perfect for environmentally-sensitive people and even asthmatics.

Depending on what part of the country you live in, you spend more than half of your day in your home, so remodeling with hardwood floors and keeping them free of pests and spores can prevent illness later on. In fact, even the American Lung Association endorses the installation of hardwood flooring in your bedrooms and living areas.



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