Refinishing Wood Floors: What To Do Before You Begin

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What should I do before I begin refinishing my wood floors?

Refinishing Wood Floors: What To Do Before You Begin

Once a homeowners has made the decision to refinish wood flooring, there are steps he can take to prepare himself for the process and to help to ensure the project will be completed successfully. Learning as much as possible about the process is one of these very important steps. There are many books available on the subject of refinishing wood floors which can help to educate the homeowner. Online searches can also provide helpful information, but care should be taken to verify the validity of this information.

Whether the homeowner opts to employ a professional or take a do-it-yourself approach, the research will prepare him for the many choices he will have to make. Decisions such as using oil-based or water-based stain and what type of finish, or protective coating, to use are best made after the options have been researched carefully.



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