Wood Floor Refinishing: What Not To Do

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What should I avoid when refinishing my wood floors?

Wood Floor Refinishing: What Not To Do

Learning about the steps to take during a hardwood floor restoration project is easy. With a click of the mouse or a trip to the library, you can learn all you need to know. However, discovering what not to do is sometimes only learned once you have made the mistakes.

As you sand the floor, remember not to leave the sander equipment in one place for too long. This can create scratches or even holes in your floor. Also, wear a dust mask when sanding so you do not inhale too much dust. Close your doors and turn off any fans so you do not keep the dust circulating in the air.

When staining, make sure you have proper ventilation. The fumes can be dangerous. Finally, make sure the stain and/or finish is completely dry before walking on it. You do not want footprints on your newly refinished floor.



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