Hardwood Floor Scratch Repair

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What do I do if there are scratches in my hardwood floors?

Hardwood Floor Scratch Repair

Scratches in wooden flooring are one of the easiest problems to deal with. Different methods exist for hardwood floor scratch repair. Scratch repair kits are commercially available for sale online and through home improvement stores, but there are other ways to remove scratches from wooden flooring. Sometimes colored crayon or putty can even be used to hide scratches until they can be properly repaired.

Deep scratches in hardwood floors, however, should be repaired as soon as possible. A deep scratch, one that is more like a gouge, may require refinishing to appropriately repair the damage and return the floor back to a scratch-free condition. Sanding can be done to remove the scratch before it is refinished, but care should be taken because it may cause thickness variation or color matching issues. For further details check out: www.armstrong.com/resflram/na/hartco/en/us/article18268.html



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