Types of Hardwood Finishes Available

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What types of hardwood finishes are available?

Types of Hardwood Finishes Available

There are many types of hardwood finishes available to homeowners. Some of the hardwood finishes available include oil modified urethane, moisture cured urethane, water based urethane, penetrating sealers, paste wax, varnish, lacquer and shellac. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages so homeowners are encouraged to research each option to determine which is ideal for their home. For example, oil-based urethanes are easy to apply and are capable of producing a durable surface which is moisture-resistant and generally require approximately eight hours to dry. Water-based urethanes produce a surface which is similar in terms of durability and moisture resistance, but requires only two to three hours of drying time. Moisture-cured urethanes are much more difficult to apply and have a strong odor. The drying time with these finishes will vary depending on the relative humidity. With so many hardwood finishes to choose from, it is a good idea to research all of the options and, if necessary, consult a flooring professional for recommendations.



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