Your House's Resale Value

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Will installing laminate wood flooring add to the resale value of my home?

Your House's Resale Value

Many homeowners make renovations to their homes in order to improve the house's resale value. When considering flooring options, keep in mind that solid or engineered hardwood flooring increases your home's resale value considerably more than using laminate hardwood flooring. Because hardwood is made of natural materials, it costs more to purchase and install. This expense does transfer to your asking price on the house later on, though, so it may be worth it to invest in those materials. Also, hardwood flooring lasts longer than laminate flooring, which means your potential buyers won't have to factor in the cost of reinstalling flooring when they move in.

That said, laminate lends a beautiful look to virtually any room. If you keep it clean and in good shape, your buyers may not be concerned that it's not real wood. In fact, many homeowners care more about low-maintenance flooring than authenticity, so having laminate wood flooring may actually work in your favor.



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