What Floor for What Grade?

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Where can I install solid hardwood flooring?

What Floor for What Grade?

Solid hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring. How do you know? What's the right choice for you and where to install it? Locations for hardwood flooring fall into three basic categories: On Grade, Above Grade and Below Grade.

  • On Grade: ground level (e.g., entrance, main floor)
  • Above Grade: second level or higher level
  • Below Grade: below ground level (e.g., basement, sunken living room, rec rooms)
Solid hardwood is best used in areas of low moisture, such as On Grade and Above Grade rooms. Below Grade rooms and bathrooms, for example, that may have high moisture collection are best fitted with engineered hardwood flooring, as the many plies offer more resilience. Engineered hardwood is also perfectly suitable for On- or Above Grade rooms.



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