Advantages of Prefinished Wood Floors

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What are the advantages of prefinished wood floors?

Advantages of Prefinished Wood Floors

There are definite advantages to selecting prefinished wood floors over unfinished wood floors. One of the obvious advantages is the ability to see the final color of the floors before they are installed. With unfinished floors, the color may vary slightly depending on how the finish is applied and how the wood reacts to the finishing material. However, with prefinished floors, the homeowner sees the exact color before the floors are installed.

Another advantage to a prefinished hardwood floor is the ability to move furniture into the room and walk on the floors immediately. With an unfinished hardwood floor, the homeowner must wait several days until the finish dries and cures, but with a prefinished hardwood floor, this is not necessary. A final advantage to a prefinished hardwood floor is the absence of lingering dust and harsh chemicals in the home. Unfinished floors must be sanded and then finished. Sanding produces dust and finishing involves the use of powerful chemicals which can leave an odor that lingers for days or even weeks.



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