Caring for Prefinished Wood Flooring

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How do I care for my prefinished wood flooring?

Caring for Prefinished Wood Flooring

Caring for prefinished wood flooring is relatively simple and will help to ensure the life of the hardwood floors. Regularly dry mopping or vacuuming prefinished hardwood floors will help to remove dust and dirt which can scratch hardwood floors. Periodic cleanings with cleansers designed specifically for use on hardwood floors will also help to maintain the appearance of hardwood floors. However, care should be taken to only use cleansers which are formulated for use on hardwood floors. Before using any product, a spot test is recommended to ensure the product does not damage the finish of the flooring. Other tips for maintaining prefinished wood flooring include cleaning up spills immediately and not allowing water to stand on the floors. Spills of any type can lead to staining so they should be cleaned up immediately. Water can also stain hardwood floors, but it can also result in warping. Therefore, water should not be allowed to stand on hardwood floors for any length of time.



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