Obtaining Hardwood Floor Installation Quotes

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How do I compare hardwood floor installation quotes?

Obtaining Hardwood Floor Installation Quotes

When undergoing hardwood floor installation, it is a good idea to obtain quotes from several different manufacturer certified installers. However, these installation quotes can vary significantly making it difficult to select a contractor based on price alone. The homeowner may be tempted to select the lowest bid, but consider other factors before making a final decision.

The first step in obtaining hardwood floor installation quotes is to define the project as thoroughly as possible. Have the contractor visit the home to examine the areas which will require hardwood installation. This will give the contractor a good idea of the square footage involved as well as obstructions such as baseboards, odd-shaped rooms or other factors which can influence the cost of the project. It is also important to specify the type of wood which will be used as this can also have a tremendous impact on price.

Finally, when comparing hardwood floor installation quotes, it is important to consider the contractor's reputation and the quality of his work. Asking for references and asking to see photographs of previous projects will help the homeowner to determine whether the contractor is reputable and capable of performing high quality work.



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